Public Safety Building
Public Safety Building

The Pitt Police Station is located on the first 3 floors of the Public Safety Building.

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Giving Thanks

A Spring 2012 ceremony honored Police Department efforts with students presenting signed banners that thanked Pitt Police for keeping the Oakland campus safe.

Current Status:

The University of Pittsburgh is under normal operation at this time.  Please monitor our website, and Facebook/Twitter pages for future updates and notifications.


SAFE Program

Self Defense Awareness Familiarization Exchange:
University of Pittsburgh Police Officers recently held a SAFE course for the ALPHA DELTA PI sorority. The course took place Wednesday, March 6th in the Petersen Events Center.  Instructing Officers were Officers Michelle McDaniel, Heather Camp, Matt Druskin, Gus Lukacs, and Joe Galla.

Safe is a program sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, Inc. with the primary goal being survival. It gives the student options if confronted by an attacker by showing self-defense tactics. Residence Officer Program provides an opportunity for the Pitt Police and... Read more>


Campus Safety Video - 2014

Check out the latest Campus Safety video from our Community Relations Officer Guy Johnson:

Officer Cetra - Annual Oakwatch Award

Pitt Police Officer Steve Cetra was honored today with the annual Oakwatch Award! Officer Cetra was recognized for his stellar contribution to the community collaboration to improve the quality of life for residents in the Oakland neighborhood.

Along with Officer Guy Johnson, under the direction of Commander Shawn Ellies and in partnership with City of Pittsburgh Police, Officer Cetra and Pitt Police have been most effective in impacting disruptive activity. Oakland is a vibrant cultural, educational and healthcare epicenter and an economic powerhouse, but cherishes its residential neighborhoods which are home to long-term residents and students from many universities. The Oakwatch code enforcement project, hosted by Oakland Planning and Development Corporation, has successfully brought together community groups, institutions, local government entities, law enforcement and others to collaborate effectively in finding solutions to challenges.


Due to a recent increase in thefts in our area, the University of Pittsburgh Police Department would like to remind everyone to never leave your valuables unattended.

Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to our department at (412) 624-2121.