Crime Alerts

To receive crime alerts via text message and/or e-mail, follow the instructions provided.

This service is provided strictly to those affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh, and you must have a valid Pitt logon account to subscribe to text message updates. This service is operated by the Pitt Police and is separate from ENS (Emergency Notification Service). To enroll for Crime Alerts, individuals must select the Pitt Police on the Opt-In Lists tab.

CRIME ALERT (off campus) - Burglary

University of Pittsburgh Police Officers assisted the City of Pittsburgh Police Department with a burglary that occurred on Sunday, March 24, 2019, at 5 am, in the 300 Block of McKee . The victim was sleeping in his bedroom and awoke to three males in the room rummaging thru his belongings. The actors removed personal belongings including 200 dollars in cash and then fled the apartment on foot. The actors made entry through a broken front porch window.   

Description of the suspects is as follows: Three college age white males, possibly wearing hoodies and sweat pants.

Anyone having information regarding this incident should call the Pittsburgh Police Department (Zone 4) at 412-422-6520 (reference CCR # 19-0054572) or the University of Pittsburgh Police at 412-624-2121. (Reference report #19-01000).

Crime Tips:

  • Report suspicious persons and crime incidents promptly.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, trust your instincts.
  • Be aware of who you invite into your home.
  • Keep doors and windows secured.

                                Posted March, 24 2019